[macvoiceover] Re: Questions about GarageBand

  • From: Michael Busboom <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 13:52:19 +0200

Thanks so much for the feedback, John.  The digital recorder I had planned to 
use was the PTR1 and I had planned on storing the recorded speeches on a CF 
card.  My back-up recorder would be the Olympus DM-4, but I am still not sure 
if I can use a line-in cord where the external microphone is plugged in.  In 
all truthfulness, what I want to accomplish isn't rocket science.  I just want 
to take out extraneous conversations and large blocks of audio when 
presentations aren't being given.

So thanks so much for your feedback and have a great weekend.

On 23,Oct,2010, at 9:59 PM, John Hess wrote:

> Michael, may I make some suggestions?  First, I would consider using a 
> digital recorder such as the olympus dm4 to do the recording work. If you are 
> recording your own presentations this is perfect and will give you the 
> control you need. I have recorded podcasts this way and it works well. Next, 
> you would just import the file in to your audio editor of choice. Personally 
> I like Audacity and it's free. Click on: http://audacity. 
> homerow.net/index.php?dir=accessible
> I produce professional programming with this editor and it does the job for 
> me. I have also used Amadeus pro and it's excellent. I used that before 
> Audacity. Give them both a try and see which one suits your needs.On Oct 23, 
> 2010, at 2:01 PM, Michael Busboom wrote:
>> Greetings to all of you,
>> In the next couple of months, I will need to be doing a lot of sound 
>> editing.  While I am quite proficient with Sound Forge running under 
>> Windows, I want to continue migrating more and more tasks to the Mac.  So 
>> here are some questions, and thanks so much in advance for any and all 
>> feedback.
>> 1.  I will be recording all of the presentations for a conference of the 
>> European Blind Union which will take place here in Vienna from November 
>> 11-14.  Would GarageBand allow me to comfortably edit these large MP3 files 
>> that each presentation will require?
>> 2.  I may need to leave the recording equipment unattended for several hours 
>> at a time, thus producing very large files.  Since I am a presenter, I won't 
>> always be able to leave the main conference auditorium to turn off the 
>> recording equipment after each presentation.  Will GarageBand let me split 
>> larger files into smaller ones without introducing too much degradation in 
>> the quality of the recordings?  I assume that this is possible, but I just 
>> want to make sure.
>> 3.  I am somewhat concerned about AC hum in the recordings.  Does GarageBand 
>> have filtering tools which might help allay this concern?
>> 4.  Since I am already somewhat familiar with sound-editng software, albeit 
>> the Windows flavor, how steep a learning curve will there be before I can 
>> undertake a project of this magnitude? 
>> 5.  Finally, where can one purchase GarageBand, and how much does it cost?
>> Thanks so much,
>> Mike
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