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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 12:38:26 -0800

chris what's i listen?
On Jul 2, 2008, at 11:34 AM, Chris Gilland Desktop wrote:


Hey yall. Got a really odd question. O, BTW, before I continue. Thank you, Mike, for helping me last night with Skype. Turns out guys, I didn't realize that to menipulate a folder, you highlight but you don't actually go in it, so, escentially where I was going wrong, was I was openning the applications folder before I paszted in the skype application. That's why it wasn't working. in any rate... now with that out of the way. The donater who'll be left unsaid, who gave me this Mac, gave me a copy of IListen version 7.02, with the USB dongle, and the one piece headset. Well, my grandfather and I were going through the manual with it, , well? we got it installed, that was no issue at all. That was a sinch. the only thing now though is it pops up a dialog which is barely readable with voice over. Basicly you got a register online button, you got an activate button, and a quit button. they go in that order specifically. ok, now, here is the weird thing. Yes I have my activation code. My grandfather read it to me, and I put it in a txt file, so that is also no problem. I have it. Now, where the issue however is, is, when I vo to one of those buttons, and click it, it says the name of the button, pressed. OK, cool, well, not really. See, at that point it just sits here and wants to be a thing. It won't go any further. that dialog stays. o, by the way? The activate button is dimmed. o, and the register online button? that is not bring safari up or anything. And even if it did, I don't know safari yet well enough I really quite yet wanna tackle it. I do but I think that's getting a little harder than what now I wanna learn but, I may have no choice in this case. But again, if it won't even come up, then what. The register online button and the quit button are the only two that aren't dimmed. The problem is, even clicking the quit button doesn't work. command+q won't do anything, neither will command+w. that dialog just seems to stay till I reboot. Also, the other thing is, that control option escape, I think it is, won't do a force quit. Just wondered if anyone's done this and gotten the thing activated and if so, how the heck did you do it! I must say, I'm kind a stumped.

This is r'r'really! bazaar.


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