[macvoiceover] Re: Problems with jumping

  • From: Cheryl Homiak <chomiak@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 01:45:41 -0500

I'm going to post here because I've been working with Carla on this problem and I know she's really busy right now and might not get back to post about this for a while which slows down getting answers. carla and I have gone through her vo utility settings several times; the mouse cursor is not following the vo cursor but the vo cursor is following the mouse cursor. I know some people check or uncheck both but this is pretty usual and her settings are the same as mine and I'm having no problem though I admit there's some room for discrepancy here since I have a mini and she has a macbook. We've even tried returning her vo voices to the default rate and having only one voice instead of different voices for different functions.

As for the other items, restarting, shutting down, turning vo on and off, running permissions--all have been tried and most of them have been tried many times. As for updating, Carla has a dialup connection and can only do updates when she goes somewhere to use a faster connection. She has done some Leopard updates but I'm not sure exactly where her system is. But this problem didn't suddenly happen after an update and just not updating her system should not in and of itself cause these problems, though I'm not saying we've ruled out that possibility completely. Reinstalling has been considered, but we'd really like to wait until Snow Leopard comes out. As things stand now, we'd have to resize her volume to make room for backing up, backup to the newly created partition, do a totally clean install and all the Leopard updates (the updates would have to involve going someplace for a fast connection), see if the problem is fixed, then add back just her necessary files--mainly text and rtf ones--and then resize her volume back so she has her whole drive back under the functioning OS. None of this is difficult but it is time-consuming so we'd like not to do it until we've exhausted all other possibilities.

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