[macvoiceover] Re: OT: is this really real?

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You'll never need 32 GB of RAM.. LOL

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This is about Macs but not about voiceover, just macs in general.
I was looking at a mac pro and wishing I could afford that 32 gig of ram. Well, I looked on:
and they carry Apple memory. I don't know all the numbers and specs and I can't be sure I was reading it right, but it seemed to be offering me an 8-gig kit, i.e., two 4-gig pieces for $700 US! Now to get 32 gigs I'd need to buy 4 of these I think for a grand total of $2796.00 US. Well, at the Apple store, they want another $9000 Canadian to up a 2-gb mac pro stock model to a monstrous 32-gb custom model. If my math is correct and if the exchange rate isn't too terrible, I calculate that I can have this 32-gig monster Mac for $6000 less! Of course that's just the ram, but the hard drives seem reasonable and I don't need anymore than the two 2.8 ghz cpus.
Has anybody bought memory from this place for their mac?
Did it work?
Did it crash?
Did it explode or give off smoke? Did it cause instability?
Just wondering because this price blows my mind and I think it might be too good to be real.
Any thoughts?

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