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To zap the PRam, hold down command, option, p and r as you turn the Mac on. You'll here the power-on chime once, then the system will restart almost immediately and you'll here it again. Once you here the chime a second time the PRam is zapped. Older Macs sometimes do a tripple-chime once the PRam is zapped, instead of just a second chime. In general you don't have to zap the PRam unless you add hardware into your Mac.

On Jun 5, 2008, at 6:29, VaShaun Jones wrote:

Also how do you zap the P RAM?
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Hi all.

being new to the mac can anyone tell me and anyone else who may be interested, what maintenance does one need to do to keep their mac in tip top shape? I've heard you have to repair permisions each month and every 6 months you have to zap the p ram. can anyone tell me exactly if there's any other maintenance one must do to their macs? I'm familiar with what one needs to do to keep a windows machine in good shape but the mac is a whole new experience. I'm enjoying the experience and I never thought i'd say it but man i'm so glad to have a mac and hardly use windows anymore. The mac is absolutely brilliant and i'm really greatful to apple for voice over and great access to the mac. I know there are always improvements that can be made but right now we have it pretty good and again thanks to the list for any assistance.

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