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  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:55:46 -0500

Yep aggree with Jef I most surtonly do.

On 8/2/10, Jeff Kisecker <kisecker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have had a macbook for about a year now, and I have not found a need to
> install windows on the machine.  If there are things I can't do on the Mac
> that I have to do in windows, I have access to a windows machine on my home
> network.  I think people put way too much emphasys on thinking they need to
> run windows on their mac.  Embrace the OS and leave your windows behind.
> On Aug 2, 2010, at 12:56 PM, Lena Contreras wrote:
>> Another question I have before I get a Macbook.  What is the best way to
>> run Windows on the mac?  I heard there are two ways I could go about it.
>> I would only run Windows to access Openbook and may be Duxbury.
>> Thanks.
>> Lena
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>> From: Olivia Norman
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>> Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010 8:05 PM
>> Subject: [macvoiceover] Re: Mac question
>> Hi,
>> I will try my best to debunk these myths one at time:
>> 1. You can absolutely read documents created on a PC on a mac.  The
>> program to do this is called iWork, and it costs $79.
>> 2. Both excel and word files can easily be read and edited using iWork or
>> open office.
>> 3. How expensive is Jaws? Last I checked, Jaws cost the price of a macbook
>> and then some.  This is just for a screen reader, which makes a computer
>> somewhat accessible. It doesn't even cover the cost of a computer.  With a
>> mac, the screen reader is part of the computer, and can bepurchased for a
>> fraction of the cost of the PC with screen reading software.  Consider
>> that a screen reader will run you in the neighborhood of $1000 to $1200,
>> on top of the cost of the computer, while a mac will cost you $1200 at the
>> most, with accessibility included.
>> 5. Apple products are extremely easily fixed, just take them to an Apple
>> store, or call Apple care, and they will insure that everything is fixed
>> and in working order.  I'd like to see another computer company that
>> offers comprihensive coverage in the same way that Apple does.
>> 6. For scanning needs, try Abby fine reader for the mac.  I'll let others
>> weigh in here who haveb more experience, but as far as I understand it,
>> there are plenty of scanning programs which ewill meet your needs.
>> 7. Macs have drivers for many common printers, scanners, etc, and what
>> drivers Apple doesn't have installed are easy to get.
>> I hope that this helps you, and that you seriously consider the mac and
>> all the amazing things Apple offers.  If you have anymore questions,
>> please don't hesitate to contact me.  I have used a mac for three years
>> now, and would never go back to windows, and it's intherior accessibility!
>> Apple is the best company around, and they truly offer solutions that work
>> for everyone!
>> Olivia
>> "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower", Steve Jobs
>> On Jul 11, 2010, at 2:30 PM, Lena Contreras wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I just joined this list.  I'm thinking seriously about purchasing a Mac
>>> Book soon.  I have a few questions to ask, or myths to clear up.  People
>>> tell me that Macs can't read documents created in Windows.  Specifically
>>> Excel and Word.  Also that PDF files aren't readable by Voice Over.  They
>>> also say that there isn't an equivalent program to OpenBook or Kurzweil.
>>> Updating the operating system is expensive and the programs made for
>>> Apple are expensive because they are proprietary.  Macs are hard to get
>>> fixed because the lack of Apple stores.  I think those are all the
>>> questions/myths I have heard of.
>>> I'm looking for pros and cons to switching to a Mac.  I generally use my
>>> computer for email, internet, and Microsoft Office programs like Word and
>>> Excel.
>>> Any advice you have is great.
>>> Oh, what about connecting the peripherals I have already:  printer,
>>> scanner, card reader.  Probably need new drivers for those.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Lena
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