[macvoiceover] Re: Looking for a Z-Code interpreter.

  • From: Travis Siegel <windowbridge@xxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 21:13:51 -0600

Ok, got it started.
has a zcode interpreter called simply zip.
This is the one I liked best when I played z5 games in dos/linux, simply because it was a no frills version of an interpreter, and it seemed to work with nearly everything. I've tested it with alpha.z5 retrieved from ifarchive.org in the / games/zcode directory. It works, though as mentioned in the previous message, vo doesn't exactly behave with it (yet) I'll work with vo and zip, and see if I can find some configurations of both that will make it work better. If it becomes necessary to modify code to make it work better, that's ok too, we'll figure something out between all of us. *grin*
So, anyway, there's my first games related page for the mac.
I'm working on a yahtzee game to be posted as softcon yahtzee in a few weeks (still working out a compiler problem) That will go up on that page too, so check back often, and if there's any games you folks want links to or anything that's available with source you'd like an attempt to port, let me know that too. I won't promise I'll attempt all ports, but those I can handle will be done if it seems like something that'll be relatively simple to do (at least until I get my current programming project done for the city of scottsboro)
After that, perhaps other things can be added.
Hope this helps.

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