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Ron, thank you very much. That is just what I needed.



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HI Frank!


            The list, which Greg maintains is the VoiceOver
Compatibility List ( <http://w3.wmcnet.org/vo/index.php>


            This list provides a link to the developer's site, what
category the application falls under (i.e. System/Utility), a "VoiceOver
Score" (1 being least accessible, 3 being somewhere in the middle, and 5
being fully accessible), A description of the application, and tips &
tricks for using the program with VO, if any are needed.


            Also, you can add info for any apps you find, which the VO
community might find of interest, and/or, useful.


            I'd actually contemplated just such a database, shortly
after VO came out, but lacked the web programming skills to make it a
reality!  Greg has done a superb job creating and maintaining this list,
however, so Hats Off to him, on a job well done!  I've even contributed
a few apps to it, myself!






On Jun 24, 2008, at 11:28 AM, Travis Siegel wrote:

Use the tiger files.
Leopard added a lot of features to the os, but for the most part (with a
few exceptions) voiceover itself hasn't changed all that much, so what
was valid in tiger will still be valid in leopard.
There are some notable changes such as braille support, and the numpad
commander, but for the most part, you won't have any trouble using what
is taught for tiger with the leopard os.
Also, there are a couple places to find lists of programs compatible
with voiceover.
One (not updated recently though I plan to fix that) is at
In there, you'll find a list of programs compatible with voiceover.
Greg Kearney maintains a list as well, and his is both more complete,
and more up to date, but unfortunately, I don't have the url handy at
the moment, perhaps Greg or someone else can post it.
And, I know there are a few other lists scattered around here and there,
that offer similar information.


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