[macvoiceover] Re: Itunes

  • From: Travis Siegel <tsiegel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 21:21:32 -0500

Oh, no, just copying files to a cd won't make them playable in standard cd players. For that, you'll need to Burn the cd. Build a list that contains the files you want on the cd (be sure not to exceed the cd capacity, or itunes will prompt you to insert another disk, and it's handling of breaks in cds isn't very intelligent). After you've built your list, and ensured that it will all fit on a single cd, (or if you don't mind itunes spanning them across several cds like it would do for books for example, you then use the context menu vo-shift-m on the list you just built, and go down to the burn to disk option. Itunes will prompt you to insert a blank cd, and it will go from there. When it's done, you will have a cd that will play in standard cd players with all your songs on it.


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