[macvoiceover] Re: How to mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 08:30:35 -0400

Now, that was a complicated read.  They left out a few things and made it 
harder than it actually is<g>

Here's how it is done I do it all the time because I'm constantly moving and 
adding things to my network.

1> very very important, make sure you have full share on the pc(s) so that 
it/they can be seen by the network or restricted share for just the folder 
you want to share.

2> on your Mac(s), in system prefs, sharing, make sure file sharing is set 
up.  This involves checking its checkbox and making sure your account is 
enabled for windows sharing and in options, click the types of sharing you 
want to do like ftp, smb and afp.

3> from the desktop, click command-k to open your network and tab to and 
punch browse.  This will show you a list of all available items that the Mac 
can find.  Alternatively, if you have it handy or can find it, type: 
smb://your.ip.info which is your pc's ip address like

4> if you chose browse, Select your poison from that list and press enter. 
if you typed in an ip, you should see the name of your pc

5> press enter and you will be presented with a list of shares with which 
you can connect.

6> click your chosen share and if prompted, type in the pc user id and 
password  If your pc has no user accounts, this will be your mac id and 

7> once connected, your share will be mounted on the desktop.  To keep it 
connected when you start your Mac, create an alias for it.

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