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  • From: "John W. Hess" <johnythehess@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 15:17:45 -0500

Good afternoon Keith. May I add a bit to your instructions?

How do I enter an irc chat room?
First an account with the desired IRC server must be created.
Press Command-Shift-E to open the edit accounts dialog.
The Voiceover cursor and the mouse should be focused on an unlabeled button that just says "button" and the keyboard focus will be on the table of accounts and buddys and should say table. The button the mouse and Vo Cursor are focused on is the ad account button. This can be verifyed by moving the voiceover curser to the left one time and the word table should be heard. move it back once to the right to the button. This button has to be clicked on using the voiceover command that will simulate a mouse click Ctrl-Option-shift-spacebar.
Press this one time and a click will be heard along with the word "menu".
Use the down arrow to select the irc service and press spacebar.
A dialog will open where the necessary information for the IRC server should be entered. Fill in the boxes and click okay ither with Ctrl-Option-spacebar or enter depending on weather you are using the vo curser to move through the fields or tabbing through them. Now, in the accounts list can be found the IRC account along with an appropriate shortcut key such as Command-Option-1 or whatever it calls it depending on how many accounts there are. Click on the irc account to log on to the designated server. Once logged on follow the stepps below to enter a chat room. Note: to find out how many people are on the channel use the vo-curser to find the worrd drore and interact with it by pressing Ctrl-Option-Shift-downarrow. Note: for each irc server a person wants to use an account must be created for it.

To enter an irc chat room, you need to create an irc “buddy” to serve
as a bookmark for that room. This irc buddy will be displayed in your
buddies list, and you can enter the room by simply double clicking on
the “buddy.” The steps are as follows:
Choose “Add Buddy…” from the Buddies menu. A 5 page dialog box will be presented with the identification page selected. This is the first page tab.
Name the buddy with the name of the room (without the “#”) and leave
the Alias blank. (e.g. for the room #fire, you would put “fire” as
the buddy name)
Choose “irc” as the Service and choose the Group you’d like the
channel to appear in
Save the new buddy, and you’re done! The buddy (bookmark for this
room) will appear in your Buddies List

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