[macvoiceover] Bazaar issue with safari

  • From: "Chris Gilland Desktop" <clgilland07@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 06:35:41 -0400


OK, I even have stumped Apple Care with this one.

I got voice over running obviously.  I go to the safri app and bring it up.  I 
then go, say to acbradio.org


then press enter.

Page loads and comes up fine.

I then vo keys_down arrow until I hear html content.

I interact with the html content.

I start vo keys down arrowing.

The page renders flawlessly...


I reach where it says announcements.

I then vo down arrow again, and it jumps me back wayyyyy! up the page to 
content.  If I vo keys down again, I get right back at the top:  home, listen, 
acb radio blog, etc. etc. and what not.

If I then keep vo down arrowing it jumps again!  

I do not like reading pages with a vo A.  I prefer going line by line.  is this 
not doable?  I also find sometimes if I vo down arrow it only reads half of the 
page then if i keep vo down arroing, eventually, it says forward button and 
what not.  So, I kind of have to wonder, as I am vo down arrowing, is the 
physical web page not scrolling and being tracked with the vo cursor?  Yes I do 
have cursor tracking turned on.

As for my other question I asked earlier this morning about ITunes.  i had a 
senior moment, then the light bulb inspiration hit me.  Is it possible that the 
reason that I cannot change the rate is because that was a remote library on my 
windows system which is running a shared library which I am accessing through 
the Mac?

I never even thought a that, but being the hysical library's not on my mac, 
could that be why?  should I maybe rate it with my windows machine, then? see?


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