[macvoiceover] Re: Advantages to iPad for Voiceover users? also iphone and kobo

  • From: Cheryl Homiak <cahomiak@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 00:00:39 -0600

Kobo works very nicely with the iphone. The only thing is that you can olnly 
read one chapter at a time and then you have to move it onto the next chapter. 
It's pretty easy; at least the way I do it is to flick the percentage until it 
says 100% and then double tap it, then move left past the page number info to 
the button (that is the forward button; back one more is the back button) I tap 
that forward button I think twice and then I'm at the next chapter. Then I can 
start scrolling again and I'm off for another chapter. It is very nice to 
actually be able to buy current books for a reasonable price. The descriptions 
I've given are for portrait mode. You can also flick pages the same way you 
flick pages on your home screen on the iphone but it seems you have to be a 
certain place on the screen to do this; I actually suspect there's a way to 
just flick chapters because I think I've accidentally done this a couple of 
times but can't do it consistently on purpose. I'm hoping it will be even 
easier with the ipad but I admit my main hope for the ipad is that it will 
either be so usable with the onscreen keyboard or not too bulky with the 
physical keyboard so I can use it for regular notetaking.


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