[macvoiceover] Re: Adding my handwritten signature to documents for faxing

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Hi Tony,


We can still get hold of Sonar 8.5 for visually-impaired users, due to the
inaccessibility of X1.  Unfortunately, there's no JSonar for X1 currently,
and I'm not holding my breath.


Let me know if you'd like a price for 8.5.


Best wishes.


Tim Burgess

Raised Bar Ltd

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Mac app store or IOS? Which one please?

On Jan 8, 2012, at 6:34 PM, David Chittenden wrote:

There is an app in the app store called Sign and Send. I downloaded it but
haven't tried it yet so cannot comment on its accessibility.

David Chittenden, MSc, DRCAA

Email: dchittenden@xxxxxxxxx

Mobile: +64 21 2288 288

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On 9/01/2012, at 10:56, VaShaun Jones <vashaun.jones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sounds good but the scanner I use seems to not work with VU Scan or any
other option because of TWAIN issues. HP says they have drivers but no luck
so far. i wonder if I could just use the track pad in some way, take that
image and do what you suggest. My all in one is a HP Photosmart Plus
e-All-in-One Printer - B210e if this helps anyone help me locate drivers so
I too can scan.


Thanks in advance,

VaShaun Jones


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