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There are two things buggingg me which perhaps someone has the solution.

First how does one make sure then when an app is started it is not done in the background?

When I start a media player app from within terminal and sometimes and sometimes not the player starts in the background.

I have to do a command+tab to get to it to exit if in the background. Then I need to choose terminal to make it in the foreground.

Sometimes when it is in the foreground, I exit the player and it takes me back to finder in the application choice list, as though command+tab was entered. I have to choose terminal once again to make it in the foreground.

However usually when opening in the forground from terminal the player can be exited as usual and terminal is there now as the foreground application just like before the player was started.

Second is a headphone question.  I have a wired usb headphone.

When using it letters entered by the keyboard are spoken from the computer speaker and punctuation is spoken in the headphones. All speech is otherwise in the headphones only.

Has anyone a solution for either of these please?

Thanks for any help.


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