[mac4theblind] anyone on this list who else wishes apple will put some male voices somehow on there I OS devices?

  • From: "Daniel McGee" <venables134@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mac4theblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 22:21:50 +0100

Hi all, subject says it all. Because of this I have emailed apple a few times 
about this question and get the basic answer thanks for your comment we will 
forward it onto the right team. I am saying this cos I am hearing in pared as 
well as being blind and would need to rely on voiceover and I got an ipod touch 
a couple of years ago and couldn't get on with it cos of the female voices. 
Does anyone else feel this way or am I the only one wining about it. LOL Of 
course no offence to our female counterparts but I simply understand male 
voices for screenreaders better than female voices.
What do you all think?

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