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  • Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 01:52:13 -0700

Why not just get an an ipod then if you don't' want to use a phone as an 
iphone? Oops said that wrong. For give me it is about 1 am here. lol.

On Oct 23, 2010, at 1:31 AM, Bubba wrote:

> Hi, I use the Ipad like a net book. So that is the main function. But it
> will be better after the new update in November 2010, when you have multi
> tasking and full keyboard navigation and printing capabilities. The biggest
> thing I dislike about it there was way to many mods on the list. Also the
> list was way to big.  I like the Aiphone and the Mac voiceover much better
> not near as big and just one mod/owner. They are much easy going and if you
> happen to stray OT as long as it don't get uglier and last to long they
> don't come pounce on you and treat you like a child and try bashing you and
> so forth. Now this being said this is just my thoughts  and not trying to
> bash neither one of them. They do a good service for the blind community. My
> Iphone I gave to my seeing wife and she really likes it. I like the iphone
> for the email and apps but dislike it for the phone part. Here again this is
> just me. So I have the Samsung Haven from Verizon that is completely
> accessible right out of the box. It is a very basic phone with no internet
> or anything the only exter is text messaging. I intend to upgrade my wife
> phone or my old 3g phone she has to the new iphone and just use the iphone
> then for the apps and such but not the phone. I am going to do this because
> the iphone has apps that will not run on the Ipad. Also it is much more
> portable to take into doctor office and such then to take the whole big
> Ipad. Oh I am also sort of a tech junkie  Now do you have a Mac and which
> one do you have?
> Sign,
> Bubba
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> Why do you hate the mac and viphone lists? I was on those lists,
> particularly the mac list starting back in 2005, but in the last year or so
> I canceled my subscription, because I pretty much knew eerything that they
> were talking about, I wasn't getting anything new and I was busy. 
> I don't really know who the owner is. 
> I have a macbook and an iPhone. How does the iPad work for you? What sorts
> of things do you use it for? 
> Justin
> El 23-10-2010, a las 0:06, Bubba escribió:
>> Hi, hmm, I guess most people are on the Mac visionaries list. I my 
>> self hate that list. This is why I am looking for a different list. I 
>> am on the Mac voiceover list and really enjoy it. Well maybe it will 
>> pickup. What is the list rules here and who is the mod/owner. I have a 
>> iphone and a Ipad. I am thinking about getting a Mac one day. I am 
>> also on the Aiphone list witch is a great list. I was on the Viphone 
>> list and not now I hate that list as well. I hope to learn about the 
>> Mac here and maybe contribute to the list in some way.
>> Sign,
>> Bubba
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>> Howdy there
>> Yep you're on the list old chum. And you are the first list traffic I 
>> have seen in about 4-5 months. :D
>> Welcome to the list! ;)
>> Justin Harford
>> El 22-10-2010, a las 23:50, Bubba escribió:
>>> This is a test to see if I am on the list yet.
>>> Sign,
>>> Bubba

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