[mac4theblind] Re: Bard and the Mac

  • From: Justin Harford <blindstein@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mac4theblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:25:06 -0300

Hi there 

Of course as was mentioned you could just put the PC cursor over the file and 
press cmd o, cmd down arrow, or with the vo cursor (vo+space bar) or any other 
variety of the opening commands that apple has, but I wonder if you are talking 
about a secure zip file. I don't know about the ones from the organization that 
you are talking about, but for example the ones from book share are secure and 
they require your book share password to expand them. In this case the what I 
just said would not work. 

In my case I open them with the terminal.

unzip "file name"

The "file name" also includes the path of the file. It will unzip it in the 
directory of focus. It will ask you for your password. I am certainly willing 
te to explain it in more depth. I don't really know what your understanding of 
the command line is.

I am quite sure there are other ways to do this and people will most certainly 
find them here, but this is just how I do it, and it comes with the mac without 
having to add anything. 

Justin Harford 
El 27-10-2010, a las 2:18, Brian and Denise Albriton escribió:

> From time to time, I get mac users who do not know how to deal with the .zip 
> folder which is downloaded when downloading abook from bard, braille audio 
> reading download?
> How does one unzip a .zip folder on the mac to another folder?

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