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  • From: Anthony Thaxton <anthonythaxton@xxxxxxx>
  • To: Listserv Listserv <maase@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 12:31:10 -0400

Dear MAASE Members,

Getting a little crazy in your shop?? It's that time of year when you wonder if it's all going to get done. Here's hoping you are surviving! Following are some items to take your mind off that IEP coming-up next week and the CIMS-2 work you're trying to finish.

1. It's not to late to sign-up for the Tuesday Professional Development activity for June 9th. Again, the speaker is going to be excellent! If you can't make it, send your ECSE leadership.

2. Please be sure to come to the Aurora room at the end of the MAASE PD on Tuesday for a terrific opportunity for networking with fellow MAASE members and staff from the Policy Unit of OSE-EIS.

3. In case you haven't noticed the flyer and sign-up form for the annual MAASE Deviation Open Golf Outing is now posted and available on the MAASE website. Try: < >. Contact Mark Francis at <francim@xxxxxxxx> with your questions.

4. The Michigan Department of Corrections is looking for a School Social Worker(s) to assist in the evaluation of prisoners that are special education eligible with the label of Emotionally Impaired (EI). The SSW would be a temporary, part-time, service contractor this summer, based on a daily rate (to be determined), plus mileage. The prisons with special education services are in the lower third of the Michigan mitten. If interested contact: Chuck Achterhof, Special Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Corrections, at 517-241-7169 or achterhofc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

5. The New Administrator Workshop Committee will meet on Tuesday at MAASE after the Workshop. Location to be announced.

A draft of the June 3-day agenda is attached.  See you at MAASE!

- Tony

Tony Thaxton
Executive Director
Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education
4769 Crestridge Court
Holland, MI 49423

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