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  • Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:43:52 +0000

Not sure if I sent the first one to the right place.

Hi All,

Hope this finds everyone good.  Lucy, have you
recovered from your surgery?  Karen, have you healed up yet?  I know
you both have had a rough go here lately.  Kathi, has Chris gotten back from 
Germany?  Is Ron here yet?

I have finally spent
some time researching gravestones for Mom.  I know it's not something
any of us want to do, but, I think it's important to do this before
much more time goes by.  I have been trough many websites and finally
found some that will ship free from anywhere and the websites have
pictures.   I don't know who will lay it if we order if from one of
these places.  Maybe there is someone at the cemetery that does them? 
I'm not real sure.  I can find that out with a little more research.  
I think when Courtney passed, I just went over and chose something, but
to be honest, I don't remember if the makers set them or the cemetery
does.   Also,  they may possibly have a choice of stones at the
cemetery.  I know Klein Memorial had a room you could go to and pick
one out.  I definitely chose NOT to go in there at the time.  But I
haven't been able to get any pictures from them on their websites.

think they only allow the flat markers in the part where she is.  I
didn't see any upright ones except in the center.  Can check with them,
maybe Monday or Tuesday.  

So, here are a few links:  

I like TD-FM3, AND TD-FM1 (TD-FM13 also looks nice).  TD-IB8 is very
nice too if we decide to go bronze.  

http://www.memorials.com/headstones.php  There are some nice ones on this page 

On this site you can chose the writing on it, they make it and send to you.


Please let me know what ya'll think as to type, enscription, etc and I
can narrow it down a little more.  Or let me know if this isn't
something you want to do right now.

Love ya'll

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