[m-w] Why I sent the note

  • From: Kathi Pieper <kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 09:06:17 -0600

I truly do not give a crap what you or any of the rest think about me but
want to at least explain why I sent the note out about Mom's marker.  I am
copying everyone on this to short circuit the round robin of crap.

Yesterday I received an email from Sandy about Mike and Dan and their latest
bullshit.  I responded and asked what the status was on Mom's marker.

Here is what she sent back:

"No, on the marker.  You were the only one that e-mailed me back on that
one.  I think James and I will wind up and just get one that hopefully
everyone will accept and put it on a credit card and pay until it's paid
for.  I thought the money we each left in Mom's checking account (with Dan's
name on it) was to be used for things like that, but I guess I was wrong.
Since no one responded, I will probably go with the one you said you liked.
I think the bronze ones are a little pricey, but could be an option if
everyone got together and paid for it.  I don't see that happening now."

It is absolutely wrong that Sandy should handle the marker on her own since
the headstone is the responsibility of ALL of us.

First, I received a response from Karen:

"Not likely..........I answered Sandy months ago you stupid
I sincerely doubt that you did respond to Sandy but whatever, I acted on the
information that I received.  So, MAYBE you could spend one more minute
repeating what you wish to purchase and we can move on.

Then the next wah, wah email I got was from Mike:

"I received your "FLAME MAIL" this morning. From you, I expected it sooner.
Y'all can do as you see fit, I'm currently scrambling to avoid a 2 to 20
year sentence for a felony I committed on Monday. So far it's cost me 36
hours in jail, a 26 year marriage, and 5000 dollars as a retainer for
council and my business. My plates so full of legal stuff I'm overwhelmed.
I'm waiting to get together 2 people who knew Dad to go to the court and
swear out a statement or their opinion of what Dad's intent was, to get the
ball rolling on the fact that he had no will when he died."

My response to this is - AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU??? You pull a
gun out on someone because they made NOISE????"  That is about the most
ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.  Furthermore, Mom passed away
in March - it is now the end of October.  My house burned down and I would
have had time to deal with the details on the estate but you wanted to deal
with it so DEAL with it. The decision on the headstone would have taken less
time than your response to me about how screwed up you have gotten things.

This is why nothing really has been accomplished on the estate - it becomes
an excuse fest rather than dealing with the issues.

Call me stupid, call me pathetic and whine away about your personal
circumstances.  The bottom line is that we need to settle the estate before
there is nothing left to settle and the VERY LEAST we can do is reach some
kind of consensus on a headstone.

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