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I was thinking just the ones who sent flowers.  I still have the extra
closet plant.  Did you want that one?  Forgot to make the transfer in
Pueblo (or wherever) when we did the flowers. 

Thank you,

Sandy Dohallow
Financial Control
(303)  737-3689

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Hello!  So I went breezing off with notes and names to write the Thank
you notes and it turns out that I have a couple of questions.  First, do
I compose a note for all who attended or is it for ones who sent flowers
(I'm thinking it is for the flowers)?

Second, if you guys could furnish me with the addresses of the people
below, I will get their cards out this weekend.

Structured Broadband Services, Inc

Paula Haynie (email address also if somebody has)

I have addresses for John Martin, James and Mary Neill, and the
Hubbards.  Has anyone remembered who sent the second closet plant?
One was from the Neills but we couldn't find a card for the second.

Thanks much


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