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  • From: Kathi Pieper <kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 09:30:47 -0600

Here is what has gone on - I am not going to sign anything until I have the
plan that is supposed to accompany the form Mike sent (referred to at the
bottom of the first page of the form).  It seems every one of you has your
own agenda to the point that Karen's email received no response from a
single one of you - except Mike to say "thanks for understanding."
Apparently, you don't care whether what she said is true or false or
hurtful.  Thanks.  We have four years to probate the estate.  I still need
the papers that I have requested numerous times.

March 26th - Mike sent out an email regarding a fair rental amount for the

April 16th - I sent a message asking whether or not a decision had been made
on whether or not the plan was to rent.  In that email I asked what had been
discussed with the attorney

May 4th - I acknowledged receipt of the check for $4246.11 and asked for

May 5th - Mike replied that he withheld 30% for taxes.  I cannot find any
information that states there will be tax on estates until the funds exceed

May 28th - I sent an email explaining that I did not think Sandy would have
enough time to deal with estate issues and that I was not going to be
heading to Houston.  Also included information that I had heard on idea Dan
had on possible ways to deal with the "in" and "out" groups on selling the
house. NOTE TO Karen - read it again - it was NOT my idea to liquidate based
on the appraisal.

June 10th - sent a note to Sandy asking how the trip went. No reply

June 11th - sent a note to Karen asking how the trip went. No reply

June 15th - sent an email to the MW list asking what was going on.  Mike
replied that Joe the lawyer is doing his communicating through Lucy.  He
also stated that we needed to appoint an executor, title needs to be
transferred out of Mom's name (currently it is in Dad's name) and put into
one of all of our names; tax return needs to be filed.

June 15th - I responded to Mike's email directly to him and offered to
handle the matters.  Also responded to the MW list and asked why the title
would be put in any one individual's name rather than "estate".  No response

June 16th - received from Mike a copy of some article he found on how long
probate takes and the cost.

June 16th - I responded with some information that contradicted the one Mike
sent.  I also asked the following questions:

1. Why does the name on the title need to be changed? Actually should have
been changed out of Dad's name a long time ago.

2. Are we paying Joe?

3. Was any discussion held about the inventory of assets?

4. Do you want me to file Mom's taxes?

5. What was the decision on rent?

No answers so far

June 17th - I sent an email to the MW group.  No responses.

June 19th - Received from Mike a note - Diana, change as needed, the rest,
proceed at your discretion.  Forms naming mike as executor and no additional

June 19th - I responded again asking what the plan is, what the forms are
for, what are we agreeing to and requesting (again) copies of Mom's will,
distribution paperwork, Mom's bank statement, and additional questions.

June 20th - Received Mike's immature "throw his hands up" response and the
advice that he felt he should have kept all the funds that were in Mom's

June 22nd - called Sandy to ask why no one was responding.  She only could
think that no one wanted to hurt anyone elses feelings

June 23rd - received Karen's response - FINALLY.  Apparently she has no
concern over hurting feelings.  Just make up a bunch of crap and throw it
out there.  Interestingly, no one responded and contradicted anything she
said or called to say they felt it was a very inappropriate email.

June 24th - Mike advised that Diana is not on the distribution list.

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