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  • From: Sandy Dohallow <sdohallow@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Dan Martin <m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 23:02:00 +0000

I am not interested in receiving any rent for you & Katrina staying there.  I 
feel that you are there and keeping the place up (mowing, cleaning, etc.)  and 
that is fine by me.  If you were not there, the house would be going to 
shambles and would be a lot harder to sell (or whatever), and for me that is 
equitable .  You were there for both Dad and Mom when I couldn't be, and for 
that I am truly grateful.   I do not want to receive rent from you. If others 
feel differently, that, I guess is between you and them.  So, just save the 
money you would send as my part of "rent" so you  can come back up here and 
we'll have an all nighter on the RockBand.  LOL  James has not played since you 
left and he's a little testy about it. LOL  I would much rather see you guys 
than receive money at this point.


Sorry, I cannot respond to the m-w list from work and haven't had time in the 
evenings.  By the time I get home, what with James and his diabetes diagnosis 
and my re-testing to keep my job, my time is pretty filled right now.  When I 
went to Houston, it was mainly for Jessica's graduation and I really did not 
want to spend the few hours I had with everyone discussing the issues at hand.  
We all had a very nice visit on Friday and nothing to my knowledge was 
discussed (and definitely not decided upon) without you there.  I do not care 
who the executor is.  I personally do not have the time or the knowledge to do 
it and have no problem with either you or Mike handling  the details.  I just 
assumed it would be Mike since he is in Houston where everything is taking 
place, but if you feel you can do it from up here, I have no problem with that 
either.  I agree the taxes should not be a big deal to file.  If you want to do 
them, that's fine by me.  I am sorry I can't do more right now, but at this 
point I am unable to take the time to do the research and all that is required 
to do a good job on this. 

Love Ya'll


> From: danandkatrinamartin@xxxxxxx
> To: m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [m-w] Re: Latest
> Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 15:51:03 -0500
> I just don't have answers to many of your questions.
> I did make contact with these people after Sandy mentioned that there  
> are such businesses:
> http://www.rogerhowardappraisals.com/contact.htm
> They can do it if we go that way.
> I did not have any discussions about any of this with Karen or Sandy  
> when they were here.
> I did have a discussion with Sandy when we were up there, no decisions  
> were made.
> I let the insurance expire on the van.
> I have done nothing with the van other than charge the battery.
> I was told that the executor could sell it.
> Joe is a old friend of Lucy's, that is about all I know about him.
> I have the receipt for the property tax last year, no property tax is  
> owed.
> I have been paying the home owners insurance and utilities.
> I have canceled the paper and deposited the refund into the bank  
> account that my name is on.
> I assumed Mike would be named the executor as well.
> Dan
> On Jun 17, 2009, at 1:19 PM, Kathi Pieper wrote:
> > I received the email from Mike advising how long probate takes and  
> > how much it costs.  I replied to everyone, I think, that the  
> > information I found indicated that if there was a will and not a lot  
> > of debt that needed to be dealt with that the process is fairly  
> > straightforward and should not be very difficult to achieve.  From  
> > what I understand, Mom had no debt.  So that leaves assets to be  
> > inventoried and dealt with.
> >
> > I do not know what was discussed/done when Sandy and Karen were in  
> > Houston, even though I have asked several so far.  I don't think  
> > anybody should be going to the probate office until all agree on how  
> > the estate is going to be handled - sell the house? how are contents  
> > being handled? what is being done with the van?, etc.  I don't think  
> > agreement will be reached without communication.
> >
> > I also received the note from Mike advising that he is somewhat  
> > irritated at the lawyer's behavior and I replied directly to Mike on  
> > issues in that email. I will share below most of the contents of  
> > that email.
> >
> > First - Who is Joe the lawyer?  Are we paying him? If we are paying  
> > him, he is working for the six kids and should only be communicating  
> > to us. Is he a probate attorney?  It is not seeming so since Mike  
> > indicated that Joe wants to put the house in either Mike's name or  
> > all of our names.  I contacted an attorney here who is not familiar  
> > with Texas law but did state that he felt it would be almost  
> > impossible to change the deed on the house until this goes through  
> > the probate court and obtains a judge's order transferring the house  
> > to the 6 of us (or permitting us to sell it and divide the proceeds  
> > among all).  From the discussion - there are two ways to structure  
> > the ownership of the house - separate share of the property that can  
> > be sold, or interest in the property that can only be sold as part  
> > of the whole. I'm sure there is a lot more detail on that.
> >
> > The attorney advised that there is no question who the house belongs  
> > to - effective the moment of Mom's death, we all equally share in  
> > the ownership of the house and things should not be done without all  
> > parties agreement.  So, if there are property taxes to be paid, we  
> > are going to have to pay them out of the estate.  The discussion of  
> > costs during the probate process need to be discussed.
> >
> > Who should be the executor of the estate?  I don't know.  I do know  
> > that I want detailed, equitable explanations of any and all  
> > distributions, making certain that everybody is being dealt with in  
> > the same fashion and shared equally by all.  I was less than  
> > thrilled with the lack of detail that accompanied the funds that  
> > have already been distributed and have some questions on it. I am  
> > not saying that I don't think it was done right - just that I am  
> > more detail oriented than that.  I don't have the college degree or  
> > background or experience with such matters, but do like details and  
> > explanations.  With all that said, I would vote for me to be the  
> > executor or have an attorney who corresponds with all of us and not  
> > just the executor - which is very typical and has not happened this  
> > far.  From what I have been told, only two trips to the courthouse  
> > should be necessary - at the beginning and at the end - so it could  
> > be done by anyone.
> >
> > I also mentioned to Mike that I would offer to do Mom's taxes.  I  
> > may be oversimplifying it, but she only had some interest income and  
> > Social Security so I don't think it would take but a few hours.
> >
> > So, that is today's two cents from me.  I don't think there should  
> > be any question in anyone's mind on what Mom's wishes were.  She  
> > plainly stated what she wanted and I guess skipped the step of  
> > naming an executor.  I assumed Mike was the executor and that is was  
> > stated in the will, but I guess the reference to Mike was as a  
> > beneficiary.  One might surmise that it was Mom's wish that Mike was  
> > executor since she did that beneficiary form - whatever.  I don't  
> > care who it is but I do want to be kept informed and I want details.
> >
> > Waiting to see if I hear from anyone this time
> >
> > Kathi
> >
> >

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