[m-w] Last correspondence

  • From: Kathi Pieper <kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 19:31:23 -0600

This is my last communication with all of you.  I will send the form
tomorrow.  I have been attempting to get DETAILS on what is going on to try
to make sense of all of this.  Now, both Karen and Sandy think I am accusing
all of some sort of conspiracy.  It is truly pitiful.  Look back through my
emails.  I have not accused anyone of anything except lack of attention to
details or expression of what all want to do.  All the details have to be
dealt with.  It is not a lie that I need the backup paperwork, if you would
like to call my security office, I can get the number for you tomorrow.

I am not in a rush - I don't have any urgent or fragile financial
situation.  The rest of you don't seem to get it at all.  I am tired of
trying to reach any kind of consensus.  The only consensus that seems to
have been achieved is to gang up on me and ignore the issues.  Fine.  You
guys have the majority - you win.  You figure out what to do and do it.

I have not forgotten any detail of Mom's will.  I have not forgotten there
is not a headstone.  I have not forgotten that we no longer have parents.
My attempts at trying to share in some of the upcoming responsibilities has
turned into way more headache than I can handle.

Take my name off the distribution - I don't really give a crap anymore.


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