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  • Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 09:08:34 -0600

I spoke to Lucy last night and she asked whether or not I was headed to
Houston and then got a message from Karen asking also, so, I decided to let
everyone know that I am not planning to make the trip.  There are many
reasons/excuses including the three dogs (one of which I cannot board
because I don't have any records for her) and all the stuff going on with
the house, plus the fact that I doubt that Sandy will have much time to
dedicate to house issues with all the other activities they are going down
for, I can't justify the trip in my feeble little mind.  The note below is
what I sent to Karen and Sandy a few minutes ago, the decided that I should
send to all involved, rather than just a couple.

While Dan and Katrina were in town, they discussed the house situation with
Sandy.  Dan's proposal was for Sandy to be in the "in" group because (from
what I understand) Dan cannot qualify for a mortgage for over $80,000.  WIth
the current value on the house of $167,000 (not absolutely certain of the
number), the amount divided by 6 would be $27,833.33.  I think what he is
hoping is that Sandy will stay "in" and he could take out a loan for $80,000
and pay off Diana and I and have some money left over for improvements.  He
told Sandy that if he paid all three of us (Diana, Sandy and me) off, he
would be short by about $3500.00 or $1166.66 each. After thinking about this
for a while, I feel that the distribution should be split equally among the
ones getting "out" and we sacrifice that $1166 for getting out rather than
staying in.  The $167,000 figure may or may not be accurate and those who
might feel that 1/3 of 80,000 isn't enough, certainly have the option of
staying "in" and not cashing out their portion. Either way, I personally am
anxious to have him go ahead and buy the house through whatever agreement he
can work out with Karen and Mike on joint ownership or liens or whatever and
buy out me, and whoever else doesn't want to stay "in" - which appears to me
to be Diana and Sandy.

Then I think that they discussed the contents in the house.  I had suggested
to Sandy that there are companies that you can contact that will come out
and appraise the contents of the "estate" and either make an offer outright
for the contents or they work on a commission of the estate sale.  This
seems to me to be the easiest way to split that stuff up and it would be
just about the most equal way possible.  Sandy had mentioned a few items
that she wanted and that Dan had suggested a couple of things that I would
like.  So, if you guys go through and pick stuff that you want, great.
Perhaps this is hateful, but I am me after all, but I think that the process
of cleaning that stuff out could equate to "rent" that Dan and Katrina
haven't had to pay for the last two months and who knows how long it will be
before the "sale" is finalized.

My ultimate wish would be to sell the house now and split the proceeds 6
ways and all move on.  Since Dan does want to buy the house, he should.  The
sooner it is Dan's house, the better all will be.  It can't be easy with all
the reminders everywhere and they should feel comfortable modifying whatever
they want to make the house theirs, as soon as it is theirs.  At the same
time, everyone else needs to voice their opinions on how they feel and what
makes them comfortable.

That is probably way more information than you wanted to hear but is was
much easier than driving a thousand miles!

Sorry if I have ruffled any feathers.  When Chris returns in mid-July, I
will be better able to come down there and help out with stuff then.l  I
just can't get away right now.

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