[m-w] Re: FW: DOCS

  • From: Karen Stone <stoney19018@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Family <m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 08:43:53 -0600

Let me start with :



I don't need you or anybody else to tell me what I need to do and when I need 
to do it. Just so you kno,I do not and have not had internet access at home for 
over a month now. To access the internet, I have to go to the library, I will 
do that when and if I feel like it. 


What the hell is wrong with you?? You act like you are just SURE someone is 
trying to rip you off or someone is "out to get you" - how pathetic to go thru 
life like like that. It is now all too clear to me, yet again, why you and I 
have never gotten along. We all understand that you have put yourself in a very 
precarious financial situation by trying to educate Chris at a college that not 
only did he not appreciate,but you certainly could not afford - that was your 
decision and so be it. And, of course, the disaster with the fire, I am sure 
has not helped your situation either; however, I do not feel like everybody 
else has to make decisions just so you can ease your financial burden, for 
God's sake RELAX.


And now you have a problem with Dan and Katrina attending Zachs 
graduation??!!!! And playing Rock Band!!??? I mean really??!!! My advice to you 
would be to get youself into therapy ASAP - I promise you, based on my 
experience, you would be the better for it.



After I thought about this situation some, I am also curious as to how Kathi 
and Diana feel like their share of revenue from the house should be based on an 
appraisal?? I doubt seriously that the house would sell for $167k just because 
that is what is appraised for. As we all know, it is a buyer's market out there 
NOT a sellers, we could easily ask for $167k but that certainly does not mean 
that we would get it. The vacant lot 3 doors down has been on the market for 
$165k for months now and no one has bought it - this is just about the worst 
time in the history of our country to be trying to sell a house.


I would rather not try to continue an email train back and forth on this for 
months. In my opinion, for what it is worth, we either need to sell the house 
or keep it for now and sell it later. This business of trying to pacify Kathi 
and get her and Diana paid off ASAP and then keeping the house to sell at a 
later date, unfortunately, does not appear to be working for everyone. We 
either need to make a decision, take a vote or whatever and make ONE decision 


My vote would be to keep the house and sell it once the market turns around, it 
WILL turn around within the next year or two - that is not my opinion but a 
fact. In the interim, I suppose that Dan and Katrina could rent it, at a rate 
substantially less than market value, with the understanding that all 
upkeep,maintenance,taxes, insurance etc would be handled by them and them 
alone. The "rent" could be placed in an account as Kathi suggested and dealt 
with on down the road or whatever. I am not sure if this is possible, just a 


I will continue to try and access email on a more regular basis.




Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 16:24:14 -0600
Subject: [m-w] Re: FW: DOCS
From: kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx
To: m-w@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I learned the hard lesson long ago not to do something just because someone 
told me I should.  I want information before I sign anything.  What are these 
forms we just got?  What are we agreeing to?  It appears to me that we are 
granting Mike the right to be the independent administrator of the estate - 
what voice will we have after these forms are filed?  What are the plans for 
the house and property?  Are we hoping to sell to Paula/Coco?  The appraisal 
that we did was appearing to be a good thing.  However, if we sell for more 
than that appraisal, we will have to pay capital gains on the difference based 
on what I read.  

I am really tiring of getting short cryptic messages from Michael without any 
additional explanation.  Does that mean there is no question by anyone on 
whether or not Mike is the best choice as executor?  I never heard opinions 
from Karen or Diana on how they felt about who should be the executor.  It is 
fine if they don't have an opinion but I don't think running off willy nilly is 
quite the right approach.  If all agree it should be Mike, that is fine with me 
as long as I get information to make informed decisions.  Does Diana know how 
to "change as needed?"   My understanding was that this m-w freelist was set up 
so everybody would be able to see what is going on without having to make 
umpteen phone calls back and forth.  It will work quite well if everybody will 
participate.  I got responses from Dan and Sandy and that was great.  Karen and 
Diana need to speak up.  This thing is about to be like a freight train rolling 
downhill and everyone needs to be involved or it will be too late to change.

I also need the following information for my files.  I found out that if I am 
audited either by the investigators here for my security clearance or by other 
entities, I need a paper trail on the funds that I received from Mike and Dan 
through personal checks.
Could you please send a copy to me of:
Mom's handwritten will
Distribution paperwork (1099 or statement) from the bank where the funds came 
from (Ira, annuity or whatever it was) that shows what the balance was and 
confirms the information that was in your email on what remained and was 

I also need a copy of Mom's bank statement from March which will show where Dan 
got the money from that he sent to all of us.
In actuality, all of us should have received the DETAIL on both those 
distributions and any other transactions that have taken place with Mom's 
accounts. I have not read all of the IRS Publication 559, but it appears that 
we all should read it so we can do our taxes correctly.  Was that account pre- 
or post tax?  From what I have read, we should not have taken any money at all 
until this estate was lined up correctly.  I do hope that doesn't bite us all 
in the butt later on.

As far as Dan paying rent - here is my opinion on that.  Dan and Katrina were 
absolutely wonderful agreeing to and taking care of both Mom and Dad while Dad 
was so sick.  After Dad passed away in September of 2002, it was great for Mom 
to have somebody there.  I am very appreciative for that and always will be.  
During that time, Dan and Katrina were inconvenienced, but also able to enjoy 
living expenses that were very reasonable.  There isn't a dollar amount that 
covers the amount of good their physical presence provided.  But, now they are 
living there and there is no "taking care of" going on with either Mom or Dad.  
If they weren't living there, we would be forced to take care of the place and 
maintain it, but if we chose to rent it out, we would offset those maintenence 
costs with income.  I think it is great that Dan had the ability to come to 
Denver and play Rock Bank with Sandy.  Wouldn't it be more fair and equitable 
for all if everyone had just a little bit of relief in their monthly budget?  
It is not my house - it is not Dan's house - it is not Sandy's house.  The 
house belongs equally to all of us and therefore, all of us should be bearing 
the burden and reaping the benefits.  I don't want Dan to move out.  I think it 
is not fair and equitable to the rest of us that he isn't paying something for 
rent.  I don't expect him to write out checks to each of us each month.  What 
would be wrong with him putting an amount into the Mom account each month?  
What is a fair amount? I'm not sure but I'd be willing to bet there is 
something out there on that issue.

Here are some other items that I have thought of - maybe everyone else has as 
well - but I haven't heard whether or not there is resolution on any of it.

Has anyone notified the SS that Mom should no longer be receiving checks?
Has anyone notified the insurance company to make sure the policy will still be 
valid if something happens during this interim time?
Have the utilities been put in Dan's name - should they?
What are the costs associated with using the estate sale person - is it an 
affordable option? Does everyone want to do that?
Lucy had mentioned wanting to get the lift chair for her Dad - did she get?
Did Mom have any credit card debt?  Has it been paid?

I would love to get details and hear others opinions.  I believe we have enough 
individuals to come up with a "majority" on all issues and that the majority 
should rule - no one person's opinion.  In order to get that - everyone will 
need to take the time to deal with it.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Michael R. Martin <drsewnsew@xxxxxxxxxxx> 

Diana, change as needed, the rest, proceed at your descretion.

Michael R. Martin 


Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 12:17:47 -0700
From: jhrentz2003@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: DOCS
To: DRSEWNSEW@xxxxxxxxxxx

Michael, have each of the siblings execute these and I think we're off and 
running.. Joe R.

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