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  • From: Kathi Pieper <kathi.pieper@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 07:27:05 -0600

The last correspondence I received from any of you is below and was dated
June 29th:

------ Original Message --------

I think there needs to be one more clarification.  No one is contesting the
fact that the documentation for the prior distributions needs to be
distributed.  It will be handled this week.  The break down has come with us
being just a little bit busy with my hospital stays and health, and the
lawyers hospital stays and health.  Not to mention some time to take it all
in and grieve in each others own way.  Hopefully that is all behind us now.
While everyone is entitled to the documentation I will make one more point,
again.  NOTHING from these distributions will be taxable on your 2009
return.  The only thing taxable is the Annuity which was left to Michael
only.  Thus that is why we took out the taxes before distribution.  Once
again that did not have to be shared, but Michael felt it was the right
thing to do.  Kathi if you would like me to call your security office and
explain this, I will be glad to do it.  Just send me the number.
I hope everyone has gotten everything off their chest now and we can move
forward.  Once again I know you did not want an "outsider" to be involved,
but I feel like someone with some objectivity has to get this all
straightened out.

Let's all try and move forward now and get along as a family.

I still need copies of the following:

Distribution paperwork from the money received from Dan that came from Mom's
checking account (bank statement before the distributions)
Distribution paperwork from the money received from Mike (paperwork from the
originating company showing balance and distribution information)
A Copy of Mom's Will

My mailing address is

P. O. Box 471293
Aurora, CO 80047

If there is a reason why I cannot obtain a copy of this information I would
like to know.  Thanks


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