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Damn.  Sounds like I'm in the wrong business!!!  I could definitely
stand to make $275 for 15 min. work:-) 

Thank you,

Sandy Dohallow
Financial Control
(303)  737-3689

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The appraiser came and went this morning.
He had GPS in the car, a cool laser measuring device, a tablet pc and a
digital camera.
He was there 12 minutes, cost 275.00 he will have the paper on monday or
He told me the value is in the land, the house is worth 10,000.00 to
15,000.00 as a house or the cost of demolition.
He looked about 25 years old, pierced eye brow and all.

Dan Martin
Martin's Sewing Machines Inc.
4510 West 34th Street
Suite B
Houston,Tx. 77092-5942
Fax 713-686-3462

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