[lv-ottawa] Re: A much needed quick hello

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  • Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2015 09:44:58 -0500

There are 2 low vision Ottawa lists.

Here are 3 blindness related email lists.
The AEBC members list.
The Viewpoint list.
The Tech Zone list.
Also, I wrote to you, but you didn't respond.

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nice to read you Rebecca. I used to be active on the list but with all the 
sex junk postings, it is not appealing. a lot go to my junk mail but some 
still go to my inbox.
there is a lot of new exciting equipment we could discuss and inform each 
best regards,

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Hello all, or should I say all 3 of you who probably all forgot you
were subscribed to this list ... I was digging around the internet and
was curious to find this list. I live in Ottawa and have a visual
impairment and thought this list would have even a small trace of
useful information on it. I was very disappointed with what I found. A
list with spam bots and the most recent post dating back to June of
this past year. A cobweb of a list! This both frustrates and upsets me
because I feel that this list could be a forum to bring the Ottawa
blind/lv community closer. I know that email is becoming a thing of
the past, but even just a general news/discussion thing every few
weeks would be beneficial I think. Maybe we could have a group of
people that sends out a newsletter about events in Ottawa both for
blind people and just regular events. My point is, this thing has
potential! So to the mod of this list, it's time to get your act
together! Clean up those stupid spam bots and start networking and
finding other people who are blind/lv to add to this thing! Let's make
this list *actually* a useful resource for blind and low vision people
in Ottawa!

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