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  • From: Christopher Howard <choward@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 01:17:08 -0800

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For several months now, I have not been doing any work on the Lusus
project, for two reasons: first, I have been very busy at school;
second, I diverted my attention toward a different programming project.

But I've decided to get back to developing Lusus. I also made a 32-bit
Linux binary package of the program as it currently stands, which can be
downloaded directly at this URL:

http://indicium.us/pkg/lusus-0.1.6-bin.zip (26 MB)

This is not an official binary release, for three reasons:

1. The main interface needs a major face-lift.
2. There is a serious bug in the game code, which causes the level
difficulty to be incorrectly recalculated after an in-game restart.
3. I need to improve the internal formatting and scripting of the binary

However, this binary is my first attempt at mixed static and dynamic
compiling, so I would appreciate if you would see how well it works on
your system. Most of the game libraries have been compiled in
statically, but you will still need to meet the following system
requirements (which are probably already installed on your desktop system):

- - ALSA
- - X11 Free86 video mode extension library (libXxf86vm)
- - fontconfig (libfontconfig)
- - freetype (libfreetype)

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