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i futuri piani per knoppix

Author: Klaus Knopper
Date: 2005-05-17 17:33 +200
To: debian-knoppix
New-Topics: [debian-knoppix] DVD version and Knoppix 4.0 plans & "call for 
software", Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoppix 4.0 plans & "call for software": 
Subject: [debian-knoppix] Knoppix 4.0 plans & "call for software"
Dear debian-knoppix list,
 as some of you may already know, I've long been planning to split the
 Knoppix project, starting from version 4.0, into two parallel releases,
 namely the
 - Knoppix DVD Maxi edition, with everthing that's useful and exciting in

  GNU/Linux (including more supported languages), and the

 - Knoppix "Light" CD edition, which contains as much "Desktop"-Software

  as possible, but only a limited amount of developement stuff (if it
  still fits).

 This should eliminate the "running out of space problem", that has always 
 there, for a while.
 For the first regular DVD edition of Knoppix 4.0, I'm planning to press
 a limited amount of manufactured DVDs again soon, hopefully in time for
 LinuxTag 2005 (23-25. June 2005), which should contain the upcoming
 Knoppix 3.9 stuff plus a lot of more GNU/Linux software.
 A few weeks later (giving the CD distributors some time to get ahold of
 a few copies), the DVD image will also be available on selected mirrors
 (at least the ones that can afford holding and distributing a 4.5 GB iso
 Therefore, here comes the
 Do you know of software you always wanted to see on a Live CD/DVD
 system, yet it was always too large to fit on a remastered Knoppix CD,
 like eclipse or mono, or vegastrike? Here is your opportunity to make a
 suggestion for Knoppix 4.0!
 Conditions sine qua non:
 1. Your recommended software must be "freely distributable for
 non-commercial as well as commercial use". Restrictions such as "free
 for educational purposes only", or "must not be sold in a PC magazine",
 or "may be distributed in binary form, but each user must register
 himself at xyz and further distribution is not allowed", or "must not be
 used on fridays 13th by a blonde person" are NOT allowed for Knoppix.
 GPL/OpenSource compatible licenses are preferred, of course, because
 they cause the least trouble for inclusion. So-called "freeware" that is
 available at various places for "free (of cost) download", usually has
 an insufficient license for free REdistribution.
 2. The recommended software must exist as a prepackaged Debian package,
 ready for installation, and, in case of GPL/OpenSource software, the
 accompanying source archives must be available for archival, to fulfill
 the GPL.
 3. The sofware must be suitable for children of all ages. No violent
 4. The software must run under Debian GNU/Linux, i386 compatible.
 5. The software must not be export-restricted or violate copyrights or
 trademarks or patents of third parties.
 In order to make a software recommendation compliant with the
 aforementioned conditions for Knoppix 4.0, please reply to:

       knoppix-request at knopper.net

 I will collect and review all recommendations and see if it's possible
 in each individual case.
 If you get an automatic reply that basically says that I don't exist or
 there was a kind of "permission denied by rule" mail error, you have
 probably used a header or keyword sequence that's present in my spam
 filter, which has to cope with about 20000 mails per day. Don't worry,
 just resend your mail and try to modify it so that it does not look like
 spam anymore. ;-)
 With kind regards
 -Klaus Knopper
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 sympa.linuxtag.net/wws to maintain your account information.


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