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  • From: harlock <vecchiomago@xxxxxx>
  • To: lugge@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 18:54:23 +0200

OpenSuSE is out.
I'm glad to announce the final version (aka the Goldmaster)
 of SUSE Linux 10.0. Developing 10.0 as part of the 
openSUSE project with an open Bugzilla was a new 
and great experience. Thanks a lot to everybody that 
contributed in testing, reporting and fixing bugs, discussions etc. 
The mirrors are still downloading all the files and it will take a 
few days until all are synced.

Mandriva Linux 2006 has been released: 
2006 is the ultimate version of Mandriva Linux. 
It is the fruit of the convergence of three technologies: 
Mandriva, Conectiva and Lycoris. Mandriva Linux 2006 
is also more easy-to-use, more user-friendly and more 
powerful. It is ideal for the needs of all customers, 
from the beginner to the SOHO user. 
New features in 2006: Desktop Search tool, 
Interactive Firewall, new package manager: 
Smart, DeltaRPM updates; new installer feature; 
new software: graphical desktops: KDE 3.4 & 
GNOME 2.10; better look-and-feel and ergonomics....

-----> per ora solo per gli iscritti al club

ed anche la RC di ubuntulinux:
With just one more week to go before the final release 
of Ubuntu 5.10, the Ubuntu team is proud to announce 
the Ubuntu 5.10 Release Candidate. This is the final 
milestone before the official 5.10 release, and includes 
installation CDs, live CDs, and combination DVDs for 
three architectures. Highlights: GNOME 2.12.1; 
OpenOffice.org 2.0 beta 2; X.org 6.8.2 with wider 
hardware support; an enhanced tool for easily installing 
new applications; a new tool which makes 
it easy to install support for multiple languages....

(interessante il combination DVD)


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