[Lugge] Tutta la verita' sui DVD

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 20:33:09 +0200

Leggete un po' cosa dice qui:

e' lungo ed e' in inglese, ma e' molto interessante, ricostruisce tutta
la struttura che sta dietro al formato CSS dei DVD e ci aggiunge
dell'altro, anche sugli eBook. Eccovi le ultime righe, giusto come

We are rapidly moving towards the scenario described in RMS' short-story
Right to Read(link). But RMS was an optimist. The real world is moving both
more quickly and much more aggressively. Here is a quote from the
Microsoft Surveilance System(link):

"Using technology developed by Microsoft to protect its own intellectual
property on the Internet, the AAP has implemented an aggressive Internet
surveillance program, which includes an automated, intelligent Internet
search tool that searches for unauthorized distribution of eBook content
24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information and evidence gathered
by this tool can form the foundation for subsequent civil and criminal

(RMS sta per Richard Stallman)

E questa e' una bellissima storia d'amore ambientata nel futuro (sempre
in inglese, purtroppo)

leggete e meditate, e' fantascienza visto l'articolo prima ?
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