[Lugge] Re: [SLE] mozilla 0.9.4's issues with ftp are worse and some graphics won't display..

  • From: Joe & Sesil Morris <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx>
  • To: suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 17:44:22 +0800

 > Yep..even tried removing the .mozilla directory and nothing helped. So I
 >> just backed down to 0.9.3..which worked fine. I guess if they have an 
 >>  or .5....I'll try again.
 > I'm using a nightly which trys to associate rpm with realplayer, but it
 > gives  me the option to download it rather than invoke realplayer, and it
 > gives me a  file chooser to download to.  I didn't actually save the file,
 > but it sure  'looked' like it would work.  There was a check box which said
 >  it wouldn't  prompt in the future if checked.  Have you tried under a
 > different UID?  I  always use the nightly builds, and _usually_ have no
 > problems.  Be sure to  report the bug.  That doesn't happen enough for some
 >  reason.

I went to e.themes.org with 0.9.4 just now and was able to see all 3 jpgs under 
new shots (and brought up the page for screenshots).  The middle picture was 
even 2560x1600 (what size screen do they use?).  .9.4 so far (since yesterday) 
has been better for me than .9.3.  I have copied over my plugin directory (and 
relinked the jave plugin) from 9.3, and Realplayer is working, Flash, and 
plugger is now working again (.9.3 broke that one, worked in .9.2), and even 
Java.  Ben, too bad you had problems, I started using .0.9.1 after your post 
about it (and have been encouraged at the continued improvements- especially in 
the mail client).  I'm still using 6.4 2.2.19 with X 3.3.6, so I realize we are 
not comparing apples to apples. ;)  BTW, I am using the talkback enabled 
released version.

Joe & Sesil Morris
New Tribes Mission
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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator
for all I have not seen." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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