[Lugge] Re: Mandrake e modem... aiuto!!

  • From: harlock <vecchiomago@xxxxxx>
  • To: lugge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 20:48:40 +0200

Alle 18:56, domenica 24 ottobre 2004, hai scritto:
> Ciao a tutti! Oggi ho installato Mandrake 10.0 (kernel 2.6.3) . Non ho
> avuto problemi di riconoscimento delle periferiche tranne che per il modem.
> Ho un modem ADSL Ericsson HM120dp

se questo e' il modem


questo potrebbe essere il driver


ma attenzione

Si vous avez un noyau 2.6.x (<= 2.6.6), vous devez appliquer le patch 
ci-dessus, lire les instructions (*) sur ce patch.
Les noyaux 2.6.7 et plus n'ont plus besoin de ce patch mais sont INSTABLES 
avec le driver, donc non recommandés. Seul le 2.6.9 semble stable.

ATTENTION ! Le script "eci-doctor.sh" ne fonctionne PAS avec les noyaux 2.6, 
utiliser uniquement "startmodem".

(N.B. noyau in francese sta per kernel)

e come si suol dire

happy hacking    :-D


(*) queste sono le instructions 

<---------------------------- English ------------------------------->

     This directory contains Beta versions of EciAdsl driver.
     It may be empty, that means no beta version is available today!

     Latest stable version (v0.9) is available from this URL:


     **** KERNELS 2.4.x: ****

     If you've got oops from pppoeci and kernel 2.4.xx (and ONLY in this
     situation), you can try to patch usb-uhci driver with this patch:


     **** KERNELS 2.6.x: ****

     Only versions >= 0.9 are compatible with 2.6 kernels.

     WARNING: your 2.6.x (<= 2.6.6) kernel should be patched with this patch:
              (kernels 2.6.7 and above are ok without patch)


              To apply the patch, go to /usr/src/linux-2.6.x directory
              and issue this command:

                patch -p1 </path/to/2.6.x-usb.patch

              If all is ok you should see:

                patching file drivers/usb/core/devio.c

              Then you have to RECOMPILE and REINSTALL the kernel.

     You need to create again your driver config with eciconf.sh
     or eciconftxt.sh

     => Contact EciAdsl team with IRC for any problem:
        irc.freenode.net, channel: #eci

                            EciAdsl team.


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