[Lugge] [Fwd: Report for 'lugge' on error watches]

  • From: robang <robang@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lugge@xxxxxxxxx, marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, lirob@xxxxxxxxxxxx, cavaliere@xxxxxxxxxxxx, ego@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, marina@xxxxxxxxxxx, guido.milanese@xxxxxxxxxx, navarra@xxxxxxxx, c.cassinari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, marco_antonetti1@xxxxxxxxxxx, dixie@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 09:49:27 +0100


questi sono i fortunati a cui non arriva più posta da lugge.
Pa parte i classici "Mailbox disk quota" negli altri casi il problema non riesco a capirlo.

 Per il momento potete seguire la lista leggendo


 Quando torno a genova per l'assemblea vedo di occuparmene.

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Report for 'lugge' on error watches Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 06:15:56 -0500 (EST) From: FreeLists Mailing List Manager <ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: Members flagged REPORTS of list lugge <ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

These users have returned errors and are being watched for
the list lugge.

Action Trans Fatal Error span User
None 0 5 Feb 06 - Feb 11 marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Command time limit exceeded: "/usr/bin/spamc |
None 4 0 Feb 07 - Feb 08 lirob@xxxxxxxxxxxx
connect to
None 4 0 Feb 07 - Feb 08 cavaliere@xxxxxxxxxxxx
connect to
None 3 0 Feb 08 - Feb 08 ego@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
connect to
None 3 0 Feb 08 - Feb 08 marina@xxxxxxxxxxx
connect to
None 0 16 Feb 09 - Feb 12 guido.milanese@xxxxxxxxxx
54 5.6.1 Body type not supported by Remote Host
None 0 1 Feb 10 - Feb 10 navarra@xxxxxxxx
None 0 1 Feb 10 - Feb 10 c.cassinari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
None 0 1 Feb 12 - Feb 12 marco_antonetti1@xxxxxxxxxxx
552 RCPT TO:<marco_antonetti1@xxxxxxxxxxx> Mailbox disk quota exceeded
NotSub 0 3 Feb 12 - Feb 12 maurosciaccaluga@xxxxxx
552 RCPT TO:<maurosciaccaluga@xxxxxx> Mailbox disk quota exceeded
Protect 9 0 Feb 12 - Feb 12 dixie@xxxxxxxxxxx
connect to
Admin 9 0 Feb 12 - Feb 12 me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
delivery temporarily

Key to actions:
        None          - No action taken, user left in watchfile.
        Vacation      - User's VACATION flag was set.
                        User reached 50 transient errors.
        Unsub         - User was unsubscribed.
                        User reached 25 fatal errors.
                        NOTE: This list is configured so users who would
                        be Unsub'd will be set VACATION instead.
        Expired       - User has not had a bounce for 5 days,
                        watch has been expired.
        Admin         - User is administrator, no action taken.
        Protect       - User is flagged PROTECTED, no action taken.
        Manual        - There was no default action taken, handle manually.
        NotSub        - Bounce message received for user not subscribed
                        to this list.  This is caused when someone is
                        forwarding to another address and their mailserver
                        reports the wrong one, or if someone has been
                        unsubscribed from the list but not expired from
                        the watches yet.


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