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Subject: New VariCAD v.8.1 Just Released
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:46:52 +0100
From: Marek Dedecius <registration@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: VariCAD
To: Lugge <linuxgrp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Mr. Lugge,

VariCAD company is proud to announce a new version of VariCAD - 8.1 for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

*** VariCAD v.8.1 for Linux ***

VariCAD v.8.1 for Linux features all-new look with a GUI that makes learning and designing much easier. VariCAD v.8.1 for Linux is available for download at http://www.varicad.com .

*** VariCAD v.8.1 for Windows ***

Feel free to find out new features and improvements by downloading the latest release from http://www.varicad.com .

Both versions of VariCAD v.8.1 are available as a "fully loaded" 3D/2D CAD package for an attractive price of only US$ 399,-!!!

*** Upgrade to VariCAD v.8.1 ***

a) Those who have their one-year upgrade valid can upgrade to v.8.1 simply by downloading the latest release from our website.

b) The users who purchased one-year upgrade for extra US$ 99.- with their v.7.3 for Linux can contact us at order@xxxxxxxxxxx for a new free unlocking key, which will enable them to upgrade to v.8.1.

c) The other users can upgrade to v.8.1 by purchasing "one-year upgrade" for only US$ 99.- . To do so, please visit our on-line store at http://www.varicad.com .

(Note: For one-year upgrade purchase it is necessary to log in, so that this item can be selected. If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact us at support@xxxxxxxxxxx .)



Marek Dedecius
VariCAD - International Sales

tel. +420 48 2713 301, +420 606 605356
fax. +420 48 2713 302

Designing Has Never Been Easier!!!

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