[Lugge] Fw: [sylpheed:12522] Sylpheed claws now for Win32

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  • Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 19:04:43 +0200

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Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 19:55:12 +0200
From: torte <torte@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: sylpheed@xxxxxxxxxxxx, sylpheed-claws-users@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [sylpheed:12522] Sylpheed claws now for Win32

Hi, Sylpheed users !

I just started porting the Sylpheed Win32 patch from Munesato Nakada to
the current sylpheed-claws branch, as this makes it easier to embed
ongoing changes and it provides some useful features, which work already
(e.g. scoring).  Most basic features of the claws-version are now
implemented and useable, as long as no external apps are involved.
A list of unimplemented features and bugs (todo.txt) and all necessary
files are available from http://ezytools.sf.net/sylpheed .

Please note, that the current patch is not meant to be complete, it is
only a first step... I hope, that the patches and the english install
notes encourage more hackers to join and improve the Win32 port.

Any feedback is welcome !
Thorsten Maerz

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