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   Ruby Weekly News: 04/15/2002
   A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
   this week by Phil Tomson.
   Ruby/Google 0.1.0
          Ian Macdonald announced the release of Ruby/Google([1]) which
          allows Rubyists to access Google's new SOAP-driven Web API.
   REXML 2.1.2
          Sean Russell released the latest version of his REXML([2]) XML
          processor. REXML is written entirely in Ruby. It includes XPath
          support and has a clean, intuitive API.
   SOAP4R 1.4.3
          Hiroshi Nakamura announced the latest release of SOAP4R([3]).
          SOAP4R is an implementation of the W3 SOAP 1.1 spec for Ruby.
          Hal Fulton proposed an alternative method to alias where a
          keyword (prior) would refer to the previous definition of a


   1. http://www.caliban.org/ruby/
   2. http://www.germane-software.com/software/rexml/
   3. http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa-list.rhtml?name=SOAP4R

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