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  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 10:25:42 +0200 (MEST)

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vi segnalo questo sito


Non male per fare cluster al volo.... magari per le macchine in
Title: ClusterKnoppix


insert cool logo here ;)

What is it - Features - Screenshots - Changelog - Download - Documentation - Contact - Forum

OpenMosixKnoppix didn't quite sound good, so I called it ClusterKnoppix ;)


29/05/2003 - getting slashdotted ;) Bittorrent: clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1.iso
28/05/2003 - clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1 released + documentation updated
19/05/2003 - clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-16-EN-cl1 released
17/05/2003 - Forum online
16/05/2003 - Documentation updated (problems with installing on harddisk and ext3)
13/05/2003 - Documentation added

What is ClusterKnoppix

ClusterKnoppix is a basically a modified Knoppix with the openMosix kernel.


  • "openMosix terminal server" - uses PXE, DHCP and tftp to boot linux clients via the network.
    No CDrom drive/harddisk/floppy needed for the clients
  • openMosix autodiscovery - new nodes automatically join the cluster (no configuration needed)
  • Clustermanagement tools - openMosix userland/openMosixview
  • Every node has rootaccess to every other node via ssh/RSAkeys
  • MFS/dfsa support
  • Every node can run full blown X (PC-room/demo setup) or console only (more memory available)


start the openMosix terminalserver
mosmon monitoring happily 12 nodes
mosmon monitoring 12 busy nodes


- clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1 - 28/05/2003

md5sum - 80c9123e263b4f0b2f7974f4b125533b

  • sync with latest Knoppix release
  • added ccache, dsh
  • updated openmosix userspace-tools to CVS from 20030527
  • added Kandel (fractal generator for KDE) (thanks to oelewappe and jack for compiling pointers :)
  • frozen bubble works again! ;)

- clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-16-EN-cl1 - 19/05/2003

md5sum - 7d4ba7f02b724bcbf18bd60fd59c93be

  • sync with latest Knoppix release
  • removed emacs21-common emacsen-common selflinux
  • added libpvm3_3.4.2-8 pvm-3.4.2-8 povray-3.0.20-10
  • fixed wlan, now wireless/pcmcia works just as in Knoppix again
  • correct kernel-headers added
  • personal configuration files cleaned up
- clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-03-EN-cl2.01 - 12/05/2003

The "real men don't need X" release

  • put openmosix/mfs/ssh also in rc2.d (should've done that from start)
  • added textmode option to terminal server

- clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-03-EN-cl2 - 11/05/2003

  • put mfs in rc5.d (until I figure out how to do it more elegantly)
  • compiled openmosixstress test
    - which installed some perl libs in /usr/local/lib
  • removed auctex emacs21 gettext-el tetex-base tetex-bin tetex-extra
  • added blender-2.26-3

- clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-03-EN-cl1 - 10/05/2003

  • boot from a 2.88meg floppy image from the CD (kernel was getting too big)
  • openmosixview added (alienized openmosixview-1.4-redhat80.i386.rpm)
  • openmosix-tools added (alienized openmosix-tools-0.3.1-1.i386.rpm)
  • put openmosix in rc5.d


Bittorrent: clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1.iso (Thanks Condor!)

The current release is based on KNOPPIX release v3.2-2003-05-20-EN.
The openMosix kernel is build from the openMosix CVS of 2003/05/08
download clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1.iso ~ 673MB

MD5SUM 80c9123e263b4f0b2f7974f4b125533b clusterKNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN-cl1.iso

On request I also put the debian kernelpackage online, you can find it here

mirrors are needed! please contact me


Download from Mirror1 (thanks to Ramon Pons Vivanco) or mirror2 (thanks Matthias Rechenburg)


You can contact me (Wim Vandersmissen) about bugs/ideas/comments on clusterknoppix@xxxxxxx
If there's enough interest I'll create a forum/mailinglist

What is Knoppix

Knoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution that boots runs completely from cd. It runs a complete linux distribution based on Debian, of recent linux software and desktop enviroments, with programs such as OpenOffice.org, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror, Mozilla, and hundreds more quality open source programs, compressed from 1.7GB to fit on a 700MB CD. It's default windowing enviroment is KDE

More info can be found on http://www.knoppix.net

What is OpenMosix

openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering. This kernel extension turns a network of ordinary IA-32 computers into a supercomputer for Linux applications.

More info can be found on http://openmosix.sf.net

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