Re: LuaJIT project governance

  • From: Aleksey Demakov <ademakov@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 23:33:29 +0600

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 1:58 PM, John Graham-Cumming
<dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1. The test suite

Yes, it seems everybody recognises the utmost importance of
a test suite.

2. Deciding on a structure

Since we're moving away from having a single person in charge of the project
to a more distributed model we need to think about how to structure it. In
the past I transitioned an old project (POPFile) from being run by me to a
small team of the most dedicated volunteers. We would appreciate the
thoughts of people in this group on the best way to manage the project.

Compilers take a lot of competence and dedication. It is a highly
specialised field. It takes a certain level of prowess in computer
science in order to read recent research papers. At the same time
ability to apply theoretical knowledge practically, writing highly
efficient code, deal with very complex and obscure bugs. And know
the source base from bottom up. And it's a full time involvement.

It is not going to work with occasional contributors making random
enhancements here and there.

Also having a community voting for one feature or another is not
going to work.

As in by now forgotten ESR's terms, bazaar is not going to work
with a compiler. Any compiler inherently is a cathedral. And the
worst kind of it. It requires very sound architecture, very strict
adherence to chosen design principles. Every change must be
thought out very thoroughly and its impact on the whole systems
and its individual parts must be measured and well understood.

All in all, to keep the project alive, it will be required to find a
replacement for Mike. Perhaps it might be two persons not one.
But these two persons will need to govern the project, contribute
most of the code, accept or reject patches, decide where to move
on. They will need to *own* the source base.

I don't believe a distributed self-governing team is going to work
for such kind of a project.


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