Re: Interested in lua2exe ?

  • From: Mike Pall <mike-1207@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 13:08:00 +0200

QuentinC wrote:
> Ah, a question, in fact: why having chosen lua51.dll and not
> lua5.1.dll when building luajit by default ? Luajit is the only one
> to have chosen lua51.dll, or even in the lua 5.1.5 community the
> name of the DLL was not completely clear at the time luajit was
> created ?

The officially sanctioned name was and is lua51.dll, after careful
evaluation of the options. This name *is* hardcoded in the mingw
target in src/Makefile of the Lua 5.1 distribution (ditto for
lua52.dll in Lua 5.2).

Having more than one dot in a DLL filename breaks various Windows
tools, so this must not be done. Have a look at your system folder:
none of the official DLLs have an extra dot.

A couple years ago the LuaBinaries maintainer decided to use
lua5.1.dll without proper consultation and he's fully responsible
for the mess we've got by now.

[It's all in the Lua mailing list archives, in case you care about
the history of this debate.]


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