Re: Interested in lua2exe ?

  • From: QuentinC <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 11:33:19 +0200

The problem with embedding lua51.dll into the executable itself or with linking statically to it is that it's impossible to require a lua library linked with an external lua51.dll afterwards. You'll need an external lua51.dll anyway... or explain me how to proceed.

I have another problem with luasocket and all other DLLs provided in the lua for windows pack, it is linked to lua5.1.dll and not lua51.dll, and I haven't found any other solution than distribute the DLL twice, what is of course basicly totally idiot.

I'm a little against embedding other specific DLLs such as sqlite; not all application need it, and I find that it's a little pity to unecessarily make the distribution bigger. Lua is incredibly small, let's keep it basicly small.

However, I agree, it would certainly be interesting to have the option to pack one or more DLLs into the executable. It's excellent if you know what you need and if you know that you don't need anything else. But at the moment, it's completely useless, because ou must anyway extract them before using (what breaks the usefulness of the thing I think). It may have an interest if FFI would be able to load a DLL image directly from memory.

Please tell me if I'm allowed to post a download link, or if I'm off topic.

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