RE: Implicit casting issues when binding to C++

  • From: "Janis Britals" <jbritals@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 20:09:42 +0200

Mike Pall wrote:

> Ok, so I gave up (for now).

Well, you summed it up pretty well. This is the reason why I think it would
be useful to first try to bind C++ libraries using just plain C FFI, what
I'm trying now. I'm able to sail past the problems you mentioned up to now
by a combination of Lua side declarations + some extra C++ binding code (not
too much) so that C++ objects become basically opaque FFI structs. Not very
elegant, but it seems to work.

> I'm sorry, but I guess everyone will have to live with their 
> workarounds for C++ support for a little longer. I shelved 
> the code -- it's very brittle and adds way too much 
> complexity within the current development timeframe for 
> LuaJIT 2.0. I might give it another go _after_ LuaJIT 2.1 has 
> gotten up the ground, though.

I'll be watching it closely :))

> BTW: I'm still considering the enum change (always box them), but
>      I'll have to think this through first.

I really need 2 things to make my C++ bindings work reasonably on the
current FFI: 1) the "enum change" you just mentioned, and 2) the "__cast"
(or whatever name you can give it) metamethod on the destination type to
support implicit type casting. That would remove all the ugly hacks from the
'lj_cconv_ct_ct'. Any chance on the second issue?

-- Janis

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