Re: FYI: No JIT on Windows 8 for ARM

  • From: Sean Dunn <seanedunn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 10:52:51 -0700 (PDT)

Dusan, look up llvm-lua. It can statically compile Lua bytecode into the LLVM 
format, which can target many platforms. Although it also has a JIT engine, 
LuaJIT is more highly optimized.


> From: Coda Highland <chighland@xxxxxxxxx>
>To: luajit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
>Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 11:56 AM
>Subject: Re: FYI: No JIT on Windows 8 for ARM
>On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 4:03 AM, Dušan D. Majkić <dmajkic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> The WinRT API does not offer the equivalent of VirtualAlloc() or
>>> VirtualProtect() with the ability to make code executable at
>>> runtime.
>> There is one obvious and completely legal way left to
>> mark code executable for both iOS and WinRT: plain compiler.
>> Even "no code download" limitation favors such a solution,
>> since all scripts should be available within the app bundle, and
>> there is LuaJIT interpreter left for in-memory modified scripts.
>> Beside obvious static compiling, I wonder if Lua code could
>> be run and jited on "big" os, and then somehow recorded to
>> loadable "pre-jited" lib which can be distributed as part of
>> application on iOS or WinRT or whatever_limited_appstore?
>> -- Regards
>> Dusan Majkic
>I don't think you understand what "JIT" means. It is run-time
>compilation by definition. Precompilation means you don't get any of
>the hotspot optimizations etc. -- kinda defeats the purpose. Besides,
>at that point, why not just use C?
>/s/ Adam

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