FFI opaque pointer approach

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 12:38:08 +0000 (UTC)

I'd like to verify my approach to what seems to be a very common problem.Is
there a FFI best practice for this?  --[[// ORIG C Header defsstruct
_krb5_context;typedef struct _krb5_context * krb5_context;krb5_error
krb5_init_context(krb5_context *context);
// C program usagestatic krb5_context ctx;krb5_error_code code = 
-- My  LUA defffi.cdef[[
        void* malloc(size_t);        void free(void*);
        typedef int  krb5_int32;        typedef krb5_int32 krb5_error_code;     
  struct _krb5_context;        typedef struct _krb5_context krb5_context;     
  krb5_error_code krb5_init_context(krb5_context *context);]]
krb5 = ffi.load("krb5")
-- THIS DOES NOT WORK - size of C type is unknown or too large-- local ctx =
ffi.new('krb5_context*[1]')-- local ret = krb5.krb5_init_context(ctx[0])
-- THIS DOES WORKlocal ctx = ffi.cast('krb5_context*', ffi.C.malloc(64));local
ret = krb5.krb5_init_context(ctx)if ret == 0 then       
ngx.say("SUCCESS->krb5_init_context ret 0")else       
ngx.say("FAILURE->krb5_init_context ret not 0")end

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