[lrs] Re: New Guy

  • From: Newberry Family <newberry@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <lrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 21:43:36 -0800

Greetings being known as "Alex as well as Orpheous"! Having entered my relm
you will now be spun around 5 time, given a drunkness test, expected to fail
and worship me.

By the way, ignore Neil.

Ignore me too while you're at it.

Sorry. I shouldn't write email... ever. I'm sick and tired and shouldn't be
allowed contact with the "normal" world. I'm staying home tommarow so I'll
probably write another email in a vain attempt to do something which has a
word I know but I can't think of it. "Regain face" or soemthing. Who the
hell knows, not me. As noted above I am sick and tired (and I'm not going to
take it anymore!). No, just sick and tired and going to bed soon soon soon.

Oh, thanks for the mockup comment. :)

AND I SQUARE DANCE. That's right, I'm a damned freak! Actually, both those
things are true but they are usually stated in much nicer ways. (That just
came to mind 'cause I do it on Tuesdays, Tuesday being today... see how that

God it's late. Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry.

*Shuts up*

Hey Andrew - I got creative writing this term! Hell yeah! I wanna switch to
get PE with Katie though, 'cause I don't know anyone in my PE class right
now (I also wanna drop AP Hist and take English with my friend Anne).

*Groan* Headache bad. I should send this before I stop myself. Well, no,
_really_ I should put more effort into stopping myself, but I'll send it

As always...

-David Newberry

> hello and thanks for welcoming me... to avoid confusion, I've been refered to
> as Alex as well as Orpheus.
> By the way, both of the mockups I've seen look good.

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