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Please review and if OK I will send to Todd, Kerin, and Rose.

Summary for March 12, 2014 General Meeting
LPG Ballroom

Members present:  Kate Shumate, Ken Sime, Edythe Nedd, Fran Williams, Ken
Swenson, Judy Montgomery, and Tom Belsan 


The Meeting started at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Kate introduced the Board and volunteers' then she  welcomed people and
thanked them for coming.

Fran read the minutes from the February meeting.

Treasurer report is no activity since last report.
Balance  $924.25

Kate reported that Todd is planning the repairs to Cypress and other streets
on October.
Todd is looking for a place to provide compress air for filling bike and
other tires.

Dogs being walked around the clubhouse is a problem. Also several dogs seem
to be larger than set forth in the rules.
A resident commented that the message about the rules is not being
distributed from the office and not enforced by the office.
Fran suggested that we publish the issues and concerns in the Thesman Times.
She said that residents on the Tennis court side of the circle come into the
circle with their pets. The residents response if questioned is that nobody
has told that they could not do what they are doing. 
Fran reported that some of the residents with painted doors have received
letters and repainted their door white. Other residents with colored doors
have not received letters and the question is "why are the rules not
enforced equally".

A resident reported that he complained about another resident and his name
was used. This caused a confrontation, the office should not use names.

A resident reported that during the shuffle board event people were parking
on the corners which made turning and travel dangerous. When we have events
it would be good if security or someone could watch for parking infractions
and notify the violator to move his vehicle.

Again it is suggested that golf cars park two to a parking spot an they
stager  so cars in adjacent spots can get into the drivers door. This would
mean the golf car on the left would pull all the way into the spot and the
golf car on the right would only pull in to a point which would still allow
the car in the space to the right to open the driver door.
Golf cars should be registered in the office in some way so the owners can
be identified and notified.

A resident suggested that next month we start the meeting with five minutes
of compliments instead of all complains.

Edythe reported that people are being asked to move satellite dishes from
the front of their roof to the back. She said that if you call the satellite
company will charge, and there is no rule that you need to move the dish.
People are upset that a banner with both the American and Canadian Flags is
being flown as a flag. The banner is not a flag and should not be flown.
The resident at 11th and Clubhouse South has been ask to remove the banner
and keeps putting it back up.

The residents feel that the front office is giving out misinformation and
are not trained to understand the rules and regulations which we are ask to
live by.
The office told people it was OK to take youngsters in the hot tub if they
were with an adult.
Fran reported that people are being sold homes and are given no information
about the rules and regulations. Some have reported that they were not even
given a mail box key or lease.

A resident reported that he use email to report something to Rose and she
responded and the issue was handled. So it is not necessary to go into Rose.
It was also pointed out that his method also provided documentation of the

Ken Swensen reported that people are pulling into the bike lane when coming
in the main gate. This means that a car coming out of LPG can not  see
traffic coming and could cause an accident. Please use the right turn lane.

Tom asked people to please consider joining AAMHO for $30.00 and support the
organizations work to watch the legislature and protect our life style and
the Landlord Tenant Act.
There is  a free education session on the Landlord Tenant Act on March 29.
Judy did the three door prizes and 50/50 ($26.00 split).

Meeting adjourned 7:51 PM.

Tom Belsan

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