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Below is the summary of the Board. Please review and I will send.
I will not be at the General Meeting, I will be in California.

.LPGMA Board Meeting Summary 

Date:  March 19, 2014
Place: Stained Glass Room
Started: 10:00 AM
End: 11:15 AM

Board Members Present: Kate Shumate, Tom Belsan, Ken Sime, Sue Sime, Ken
Swensen, and Judy Montgomery 

Absent:  Fran Williams and , Edythe Nedd
Guest: Rose Scott LPG Manager

Notes taken and reported by Tom Belsan Secretary
Long discussion of the activities around the Arson in the community.
People are turning on their lights front and back.
Police and Sheriff patrols have been around the community at night.
Todd had an article in the newspaper.
A couple arrests were made but were not related to the arson.
Ken Sime reported that the neighborhood watch created a flyer on Monday and
had delivered it to all residents by Tuesday evening.
Ken Swensen thinks that having two security people during the night would be
a good idea. One would be at the gate and one would be on patrol around the
community. They would have two way communications.
There was a concern that the gates were being left open during the day with
no security people at the gate. It was thought that gates should be closed
at all times.
Ken Swensen reported that after 9:00 PM the security is stopping all cars
and getting information. He came in about 10:00 PM and there was a line out
to the Street.
It was suggested that we have a speaker in September or October, when people
return, to speak about security and neighborhood watch issues.

There is a call tree being created to make it a little easier to quickly
notify residents of issues.

Kate asked about scheduling of the board and after discussion we left the
meetings as currently held. General the Second Wednesday and Board the Third

Kate went on-line and get information about the code for displaying the
American Flag and determined that banners with American and Canadian flags
appear to be wrong and several veterans are very offended by the banners.

There are still questions about antenna placement. Kate hear the office
telling an installer that it needs to be on the ground if not possible it
needs to be in the back. Of course, the installer could just put it where he
likes and leave the park because no inspection is done before he starts or
finishes the project.

Judy asked if all the Thesman communities had the same rules. Kate said no
that she heard that the rules are enforced at Las Palmas.

Meeting with Rose:

Rose reported that there  would be sticker review of people coming in the
security  will be making sure people have current and valid passes and

Rose is going to propose some sort of double gate system so that only one
car can come in at a time. She does not think from her experience that
cameras are of any help.

Extra security at school break time and two guards, one at the gate and one

Rose heard that people who have skin problems from the pool are getting
together to determine what doctors have been doing for them to find out if
any action works. Some people have been told to make sure they shower after
using the pool but just rinse do not wash with soap. Rose requested a copy
of the list if possible. After discussion a question about the cover was
introduced. It seems that most of the residents effected are in the morning
just after the cover is removed.

None white doors has been brought to the board by a resident who received a
notice and painted their door white. They feel that others of their
neighbors who have painted doors are not being given notice or are not
complying. Rose said that if she sees a painted door or has one reported
they sent a notice, period.

Rose is sending out notices for antennas and they can be on the roof but
must be in the back.

Ken Swensen talked about the issue of big dogs. We know that some have been
approved but there is a feeling that some of the big dogs are just not known
to the office. Again if the office does not know about the issue and nobody
tells the office there is nothing that can be done. People who see possible
issues need to report them or forget them but not just complain about it.




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